Residential Code


Happy to receive you in the farm, we wish you a peaceful stay of healthy introspection.

For your convenience, please bring: flashlight; umbrella; your own towel; personal items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste); bottle for hydration; mosquito repellent; yoga mat; a notebook; an eye-mask to be placed over the eyes during meditation.


– Please turn off the room lights every time before leaving.

– Keep main doors closed to prevent animals from entering (foxes, raccoons, snakes…) Likewise, always leave windows closed to prevent water from entering if it rains heavily.

– We appreciate keeping phones outside meditation spots.

– Finca Elefante does not provide internet or wifi service. Foreigners coming for long stays must get their own SIM-card in town. We invite people to make discreet use of their electronic devices in general.

– No tobacco or alcohol, please.

– Visitors must be inside the farm before 9:00PM (time flexibility for meditative residents and volunteers)

– Please keep fruits in their places, since they are exclusively used by the farm, as well as previously contracted buyers.

– Bedtime and silence every day is at 10:00PM, except for full moon ceremonies.


– Please adhere to the scheduled times to eat during retreats.


– Always maintain order and cleanliness in the shared kitchens of each room.

– Always leave the shared kitchens clean after eating.

– Enter only vegetarian foods (dairy, eggs and gluten are allowed)

– Please use the kitchens without listening to music.


– Our rooms are spacious, clean, but above all simple, typical of a simple life to induce a meditative state without distractions.

– Being an intimate space to sleep, rest or read, the rooms do not have television, radio or internet. We appreciate respecting this concept so as not to disturb the tranquility of others.

– Finca Elefante recommends cold water baths as a purifying and meditative resource, so the rooms do not have hot water.

– Each room is assigned a mini-meditation hall for free use during the day. Please keep these spots quiet, especially if someone is meditating.


– Enter without shoes, without cell phones and without drinks or food.

– Please avoid lying down or sitting leaning against the walls.

– Dress in comfortable, baggy clothes, allowing the skin to breathe and the limbs to move smoothly.


– During free time you can use the pool or throw a cloth in the gardens to lie down or meditate while contemplating nature. We ask you to be very careful not to lie near large groups of dry leaves, sticks or dry logs; Likewise, check well the area where you plan to throw the cloth, thus avoiding to come into contact with insects or snakes.

Enter the pool without oils, bronzers or skin creams of any kind. Otherwise, please shower first with soap to remove the cream / bronzer / oil, before swimming.

– We appreciate not listening to music in the silence and meditation areas.

– Please do not cross into the delimited areas, especially in rainy season.

– Finally, the farm is a place totally free of prejudices towards races, nationalities, ideological principles, spiritual techniques of any kind, social classes, sexual diversities, political thoughts. We appreciate to keep an environment of peace, respect, healthy freedom, love and above all, good vibes always.

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