Residential Code


Happy to receive you in our beautiful farm, we wish you a peaceful stay of healthy introspection. For your convenience, please bring: flashlight; umbrella (in rainy season there are areas of the farm where it is necessary to cover from rain); your own towel; personal items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste); bottle of hydration; mosquito repellent; yoga mat (we provide cushions and benches for meditation); a notebook; an eye-mask to be placed over the eyes during meditation sessions (recommended to get deeper into each meditative experience)


– Please always turn off the room lights before leaving.

– Keep the main doors closed to prevent animals from entering (foxes, raccoons, snakes…) Likewise, always leave doors and windows closed when leaving the rooms to prevent water from entering if it rains heavily.

– We remind you to please leave your cell phones in the rooms; its use is not allowed inside the meditation hall, nor in the dining hall, nor in the silent outdoor areas of the farm.

– Finca Elefante does not provide use of Internet or Wi-Fi network. Foreigners who come for long retreats and wish to have an Internet connection, must obtain their own SIM-card in the village. In this regard, we recommend that all participants of our retreats make discreet use of their electronic devices in general, taking the opportunity to internalize more in themselves.

– Finca Elefante is a non-smoke and non-alcohol place.

– Please do not leave the farm during the retreat.

– Fruit trees and greenhouses: please keep fruits and vegetables in their places, since they are exclusively used by Finca Elefante, as well as previously contracted buyers.

– The schedule of activities will be posted near the rooms. In addition, through a bell the times of entry to the meditation hall and other activities will be announced.

– Lights should be off at 10:00PM (bedtime) – Silent time too.


– Please adhere to the scheduled times to eat (half an hour each meal).

– Once you have finished your food, please leave the dining area so that people in charge have their turn to eat and can do the cleaning of the site.

– One dish will be served per person, per meal time.

– You are invited to eat in silence to have an introspective experience with food.

– Our kitchen is a place free of animal ingredients, and gluten.


– In the meditation hall: enter without shoes, without cell phones and without drinks or food.

– Please avoid lying down or sitting leaning against the walls.

– Dress in comfortable, baggy clothes, allowing the skin to breathe and the limbs to move smoothly. Discrete attire is recommended.

Men: do not take off your t-shirt inside the room. Women: avoid wearing short top blouses.


– During leisure, you can use the pool or throw a cloth in any part of the property to lie down to feel the wind, contemplate the sky and nature. We ask you to be very careful not to lie near large groups of dry leaves, sticks or dry logs; Likewise, check very well the area where you plan to throw the cloth on the ground, thus avoiding to come in contact with insects or snakes.

– The pool: we ask not to enter the pool with oils, bronzers or skin creams of any kind. If so, please bathe first with soap to remove the cream/suntan/oil, before entering water.

– Please respect and do not cross into the delimited areas, especially in rainy season.

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