Our Concept

Finca Elefante is an entirely secular meditation center. Our approach to spirituality develops outside of any religious movement.

We seek to meditate on universal principles of Peace, Equality, Consciousness, Love, Health and Silence. We don’t care if those who come believe in this or that god, or if they don’t believe in any.

We respect each human being by welcoming everyone.


The really deep moments in meditation are unpredictable, unique, unforgettable, always unrepeatable and, generally, indescribable. They are like a trip of self-discovery by unexplored internal lands, which is completed only when we have opened our eyes with perceptions “of the beyond” different from those who have never embarked on experiences of this kind… They are like the episode of a ceremony that celebrates connecting to an inner source of inexhaustible energy.

At Finca Elefante we learn meditating, being through silence that we nourish ourselves with wisdom.

Our routine is made up of ancient meditation techniques, apart from all the religious concepts with which this practice is usually associated. We meditate alternating breathing exercises, introspection techniques and movement culture, as they did in secular spiritual communities of old India thousands of years ago.


Ancient yoga is simple, poetic and based on a meditative trend according to the principles that gave rise to it in classical India. Its most basic objective is to strengthen the following four faculties of the mind (called bhavas) through yogic postures and breathing exercises:

I. Virtue (dharma bhava)
II. Detachment (vairagya bhava)
III. Knowledge (jnana bhava)
IV. Power (aishvarya bhava)

Likewise, it approaches life holistically through the following pillars and their respective holistic wellness practices:

I. Healthy diet (ahar)
II. Healthy recreation (vihar)
III. Healthy routines (achar)
IV. Healthy thoughts (vichar)


The health of the spine, the purification of inner energy channels through stretching and balances, plus a correct storage of vitality by stimulating the main bodily energy centres, is incompatible with adverse emotional states of mind or a pessimistic approach to life.

At the farm we promote conscious body movement and human sensitivity through contact with the rhythms of nature, strengthening not only the body but also the internal energies that essentially connect us to everything that surrounds us.


Cold baths are one of the most powerful techniques that exist to awaken the cellular intelligence of the body. They not only strengthen the immune system, but also purify the entire mental-physical structure, thus improving the meditative experience.

For this reason, at Finca Elefante there is cold water in all rooms, with the aim of making the most of the health, power and energy that the simplest acts of life give us.


Food seems to inspire in us not only hunger or satisfaction, but also love, patriotism, forgiveness, devotion; probably up to depression, anger, loneliness, nostalgia. The relationship we have with food goes beyond simply satisfying hunger or nourishing the body.

When food strengthens the body and the Earth, it nourishes; when it pollutes, it depletes. What happens, then, when this principle also applies to our relationships through food? What happens when it separates us from the rest of the community? What when we lose the point and become extremists? Can the rigidity of thought lead us to true health?

And to all this, what then is food? What is its meaning in our lives? What to eat, when to eat, how to eat? Where should food come from: from nature or from the factory? Why is food essential? What is its role in our connection with the Earth and our body? Who should we listen to when we are hungry: the body or the recommended nutrient table? – To calories or to official information? Are we made to have a relationship with food? Who should answer these questions: common sense, instinct, or the wisdom of the body? –Or fear, information, or rumors?

Let’s find the answers within us, each morning at sunrise, sitting next to the silent energy plunged into deep meditation. Let us learn, explore and understand our relationship with nature, silence and food, leading a healthy life that allows us to smile from the heart.

Those who live here, as well as those who come to enjoy our retreats and ancestral ceremonies, feed mostly with clean products under totally vegetarian standards. This is how we make food a gift of love towards ourselves.

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