Open Farm

Finca Elefante is a meditation centre in Atenas Costa Rica affiliated to The Yoga Institute, the oldest yoga school in the world located in Mumbai-India, whose legacy treasures more than 100 years spreading yoga for health, happiness and peace.

Every Wednesday morning and evening we open our doors for free one-hour sessions on ancient yoga and classical meditation (all levels welcome)

We gather either at our beautiful meditation hall surrounded by nature or at one of the outdoor areas of the farm. Whether outside or indoors, we have a beautiful location to meditate and practice the authentic ancient yoga in an environment that brings us closer to that silent place where we truly belong.

We invite you to come and know more about a classical and scientific approach to yoga and meditation, unique in Costa Rica, thus contributing to the possibility of leading a harmonious life based on self-knowledge, introspection and conscious physical movement.


Ancient yoga practice. Classical yoga postures, short meditations and conscious physical exercise to optimize vital energy. Ancient yoga is kind, sensitive, gentle and non-violent with all body types. Likewise, it represents an introspective path that bases its process on the quantum anatomy of the body, mind and energy.


Classical meditation practice. Based on ancient concepts of eastern psychology, emotional health and responsible mind management. Scientific approach to internal energies with a view to personal evolution and spiritual transcendence.


What? “Open Farm” free sessions on classical meditation and ancient yoga.

Where? Finca Elefante Atenas Costa Rica (Waze)

When? Every Wednesday.

Cost? No cost, all cordially invited.


– English and Spanish speakers are welcome.
Please bring your own yoga mat, towel and hydration.

– We start at the scheduled time, please be on time.
– To learn more about how we approach classical meditation and ancient yoga within the general concept of Finca Elefante, click here.

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