Online Farm

Finca Elefante is a meditation centre in Atenas Costa Rica affiliated to The Yoga Institute, the oldest yoga school in the world located in Mumbai-India, whose legacy treasures more than 100 years spreading yoga for health, happiness and peace.

Every Monday morning and evening we broadcast free sessions online, live from the farm (in English and Spanish)

Unlike a traditional online class, we rather get together to approach ancient yoga and classical meditation techniques with reference to ancient texts, Indian history, quantum body anatomy, concepts of evolution, science, mind and energy; all under a warm and friendly atmosphere to talk about the traditional way of practicing meditation and yoga.

Join us via Facebook Live to learn more about our classical and scientific approach to practicing yoga and meditation, unique in Costa Rica, thus contributing to the idea of leading a life based on self-knowledge and evolution of consciousness.


Morning session IN ENGLISH, every Monday from 6:00AM-7:00AM (Costa Rica time)

Night session IN SPANISH, every Monday from 6:30PM-7:30PM (Costa Rica time)


What? “Online Farm” Free sessions of classical meditation and ancient yoga (live-online)

Where? Broadcasts at Facebook Live from Finca Elefante Atenas Costa Rica.

When? Every Monday (see schedule above)

To learn more about how we approach classical meditation and ancient yoga within the general concept of Finca Elefante, click here.

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