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The Elephants invite you to come at any time, whenever you want.

The farm is 1 hour from San José and 30 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport; 4 kms. from the center of Atenas canton, in the tropical mountains west of the Central Valley.

We are a quiet and private place to enjoy local life surrounded by mountains, squirrels, monkeys, guatusas, coatis, birds, insects of all kinds, some snakes (you have to walk carefully), and a wonderful sunset view.

Our goal is to share through the following four elephants, a simple infrastructure based on the culture of meditation as a lifestyle.


In this program includes a meditation and ancient yoga class, every day that you stay with us (at 9:00AM)

In addition, you are free to use the mini-meditation halls assigned to each room, at any time during your stay.

You can also take advantage and get to know the natural attractions of Atenas.


Single room
US$50 /night

Own bathroom.
Shared kitchen.
Mini meditation room.

Double room 
US$30 /night per person

Own bathroom.
Shared kitchen.
Mini meditation room.

Entire house
US$115 /night

3 double bedrooms with bathroom each.
Own kitchen.
Mini meditation room.

US$70 /night per couple

Room with double bed.
Own bathroom.
Own kitchen.
Mini meditation room.

* Rates already include VAT.

Please read the GENERAL NOTES at the bottom of this page.


The last Sunday of each month there’s a meditation retreat in Finca Elefante. Those who wish to do this program must enter the farm on Saturday between 3:00PM-7:00PM, and stay until Sunday at 4:00PM.

The program is as follows:


3:00PM-7:00PM – Entrance to the farm
8:00PM – Group meeting and campfire (if it doesn’t rain)
9:00PM-10:00PM – Meditation for the pineal gland I
10:00PM – Bedtime


3:30AM-5:00AM – Pineal Gland Meditation II
5:00AM-6:00AM – Ancient yoga
6:00AM-7:00AM – Meditation and cold immersion
7:00AM-10:00AM – Silence
10:00AM-11:00AM – Meditation
11:00AM-12:00PM – Breathing and movement
12:00PM-2:00PM – Free time
2:00PM-3:00PM – Breathing and movement
3:00PM-4:00PM – Closing circle
4:00PM – End of retreat


Single room
(if you come alone)
Own bathroom.
Shared kitchen.

Double room
(if you come with someone else)
US$100 /per person
Own bathroom.
Shared kitchen.


– Only for people over 21 years old.

– English and Spanish languages.

– Participants remain within the farm during the retreat.

– Meals are not included. People must bring their own food to prepare in the kitchen assigned to their room. In the Friday meeting, kitchens management is coordinated among participants.

– Those who are already on the farm and wish to do the retreat, only add an extra US$60 for the Saturday program to their current rate.

Here you can see more about the retreat and its upcoming date.

Please read the GENERAL NOTES at the bottom of this page.


If you want to spend more time on the farm, we offer weekly and monthly rates per room or entire house (only for stays longer than 15 nights)

This option is ideal to develop specific meditation goals; aimed at serious meditators, artists, or simply travelers looking for an introspective experience in a local, private and calm environment.

If you’d like guidance to plan your meditation goals as well as their contents and techniques, we can guide your routine at no additional cost.

If doing a meditative residency at Finca Elefante appeals to you, get in touch with us to coordinate a short virtual meeting and talk more about it.


We are looking for enthusiastic, creative, open-minded people willing to collaborate in any of the farm’s tasks, such as cleaning roads, swimming pool, rooms, kitchen, meditation halls; garden maintenance, campfire preparation, group assistance, digital content creation, etc.

We offer accommodation in single room with its own bathroom and shared kitchen (plus 1 day off per week), in exchange for an average of maximum 5 working-hours a day. The program does not include food.


– Minimum 1 month.

– Program open only in certain seasons (not all the time)

– Volunteers must be over 21 years of age.

– Aimed at people with a healthy lifestyle.

– It is necessary to speak English (Spanish is not mandatory)

– Please send us an updated Curriculum Vitae, with photo.

– Previous experience in similar volunteering.

– Experience in some type of art, yoga or meditation, preferable.

– Accept the general notes described below.


– All programs by prior reservation.

– Program open only in certain seasons (not all the time)

– There’s a meditative ceremony with campfire every full moon (if it doesn’t rain)

– Farm closes at 9:00PM every day; if you leave please come back before that time (more flexible hours to be arranged for meditative residents and volunteers)

– People are free to enter and leave whenever they want, except for the meditation retreat on Saturdays where we ask participants to stay within the property.

– Please do not enter foods that contain red or white meat (dairy, eggs and gluten are allowed)

– No tobacco or alcohol, please.

– The programs are only for people over 21 years old (and 15 years is the minimum age if they come with their family) – No kids are allowed.

– Finca Elefante is a meditation center, not a therapy one. People suffering from depression, psychiatric/mental pathologies or addictions of any kind, please consider other options since the farm lacks the human, medical and technological resources to treat such situations.

– We offer an infrastructure for people to spend moments of introspection. For this reason, we request that you refrain from listening to music in the rooms, unless you have your own headphones so as not to disturb the tranquility of others.

– Part of the concept is to disconnect a bit from the usual routine, so we do not offer wifi, internet or television service.

– The meditative health proposal at Finca Elefante includes cold water baths; the rooms do not have hot water.

– Foreigners must have insurance, and a valid visa or residence ID.

– No pets allowed.

Here you can read our Residential Code.

Here you can see photos of the farm.

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