Hi, I'm Antonio, a simple guy with more than 40 years of having been thrown in this planet by the laws of evolution.

I started meditating about 20 years ago in a Costa Rica where it was impossible to live spirituality the way I wanted, so I went to India in 2004 totally focused in its culture of silence and consciousness. I never imagined being at the doors of long and wonderful years in that land of unfathomable depths, mystics and magicians.

I studied classical yoga in Tamil Nadu with TKV Desikachar (son T. Krishnamacharya), and traditional Hatha Yoga at the Vijnana Kala Vedi School of Traditional Indian Arts in Kerala, in a program sponsored by UNESCO.

Then in 2011 I moved to the city of Mumbai to study meditation and Samkhya philosophy at The Yoga Institute, the oldest yoga school in the world, where I later stayed working as a teacher and coordinator of international programs. There I lived for some years with the Yogendra Family, founding lineage of The Yoga Institute whose origins go back to the sage Sri Madhavadasji of 1798.

In 2014 I did a trip through the states of Punjab, Kashmir and Uttarakhand in northern India to investigate about meditation techniques in mountains and deserts in the India-Pakistan border.

My last Asian years were in Nepal practicing Himalayan meditations and doing photographic trips to Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Later, the twists and turns of life lead me to work at the Costa Rican Embassy in New Delhi, a place where I never felt well but prompted me to return to Costa Rica to found Finca Elefante project 2019.

The great teachings of all this: the super power of meditation, the importance of simplicity, and the incalculable value of the short time we come to live on this land.


“I'm passionate about writing, the culture of India, photography, pine forests, elephants... Living is a fascinating adventure that refers me to another even more so: the adventure of death. I thank from the depths of my heart to the Yogendra Family for providing me with wisdom to embrace them both. I also thank them for times full of evolution, and the help provided at all times to travel India from its depths, as I always dreamed of.” – Antonio.


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