21 Days Meditating


Meditation is a source of wisdom and expansion that points to inner stillness. It is an act of peace closely related to the night, since thanks to the moon and its electromagnetic frequency, the entire endocrine system, all beings and all life on earth enter a state of relaxation.

In this way, the night can be a school as essential to our existence as is the school of the day when the sun appears radiant, leading us to action, to vitality, to doing, to creating.

Knowing the above, relaxing should be something we master in order to avoid disconnection with our being.

Join this 21-day journey through the most poetic part of the ancient world of meditation, and learn how to design a meditative routine based on your own physical and emotional needs… as well as re-educate your system to go to sleep in the healthiest way possible.


I. The course lasts 21 days – 1 daily session of 1 hour (online)

II. Every day we will practice meditation and a short talk is made in relation to its history, benefits, questions and answers.

III. There will be extra-class dynamics for you to practice reflective self-observation while living your daily routine.

IV. The course is introductory to the secrets of meditation and ancient yoga, aimed at those who wish to improve their personal skills to deal with the constant challenges presented by today’s world.


The course is night mode, in order to relax the body and mind to go to sleep meditatively.

Both, techniques and theory, are developed progressively over 21 days, taking care of each step of the process so that the experience is light, simple and subtle, adapting ourselves to the rhythm of the night as a prelude to dreams.

The virtual room opens 5 minutes before each session. Once started, the meditation of the day is introduced, we meditate, then a talk is guided, and at the end time is set aside for questions and answers.

Although I recommend attending all sessions, I understand that setbacks may arise. It’s okay if you can’t connect to a session, but keep in mind that sessions aren’t recorded.


– The four essential components of the mind according to the ancient culture of meditation:

1. Balance.
2. Detachment.
3. Power or self-reliance.
4. Virtue in the goal of life.

– Physiology of human energy and its four pillars:

1. Expansion.
2. Contraction.
3. Purification.
4. Stretching.

Talks on:

– The faculty of universal power.
– Tales, fables and classic stories of meditation.
– Breathing and its fundamental components.
– Daily introspection questions and answers.
– Emotions densified in the body.
– How to make rest a kind of meditation.
– Essential components to meditate for long periods.
– How to design meditative routines according to specific objectives.
– The importance of learning to feel deeply and consciously.
– Evolution of consciousness, self-knowledge and self-love.
– The pineal gland, darkness, dawn and dreams.
– Attachment and limiting beliefs.
– Relaxation versus meditation.
– Dreams and meditation.

Ancient meditation techniques of the course:

– The meditation of the walled city.
– The meditation of the lonely forest.
– The meditation of the psychic Being and love.
– The meditation of knowledge and wisdom
– The meditation of sounds.
– The meditation on the law of quantum entanglement.
– The meditation on the natural breath.
– The meditation of cellular intelligence.
– The meditation of abdominal fire.


I’m Antonio, and I have more than 20 years of experience in meditation and ancient yoga, in India, Nepal and Costa Rica. Here you can read more.



August 1-21 (registration opens in July)


From 8:00PM-9:00PM Costa Rica (GMT-6) live on Zoom.


US$115 (VAT included)

* The space is reserved via bank transfer or SINPE-Costa Rican-mobile. Tell me to send you the payment information.

* If you pay in colones, use the sale rate according to the Central Bank of Costa Rica here.

DATES 2022:

October 1-21
November 1-21

* Registration opens one month before the respective month.


– The course is in Spanish.

– Contact before payment to check availability.

– Cancellation policy: If cancellation is requested, 50% will be returned during the days after payment. IMPORTANT: seven days before the course, no refunds will be made, but if someone cancels (before the course starts) can use 1 night of the Individual Sessions program during the first 15 days of the course. If for some reason Modo Elefante cancels an event, full refund will be made.

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