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August 1-21
December 1-21

21 days is what it takes for stem cells to differentiate into new neurons in the brain, or the duration of an emotional biorhythm. This is: 21 days is what it takes for the brain to turn a pattern, into a habit.

Join this 21-day tour through the most poetic techniques from the ancient world of meditation, and learn to design a meditative routine according to your own physical/emotional level. An experience of high introspective, practical and philosophical impact.


I. Course 2021 updated with respect to its previous version.

The daily material (pdf) has been enriched with much more complete information on the topics of each day, allowing participants to have readings related to the concepts covered and the meditation techniques practiced.

II. The course is open to all audiences. Ancient concepts of meditation, ancient yoga, and quantum physiology (basic level) will be practiced every day.

This physiology is based on the way they approached the interaction of our internal energy systems thousands of years ago, as well as their purification processes from the body-mind structure.

III. There will be extra-class dynamics for you to practice reflective self-observation during your daily routine.

IV. We will keep a daily dream log, following an ancient meditation technique for their interpretation.

V. The course is introductory to the secrets of classical meditation and ancient yoga, aimed at those who want to improve their personal skills to deal with the constant challenges of today’s world.


The course has been completely adapted to the night shift, with the purpose of relaxing body and mind to go to sleep in a meditative way.

Both, techniques and theory, are developed progressively over 21 days, taking care of each step of the process so that the experience is deep but light, simple and subtle, according to the rhythm of the night as a preamble to dreams.


– The four essential components of the mind and their respective techniques according to the ancient culture of meditation:

1. Balance.
2. Detachment.
3. Power or self-reliance.
4. Virtue in the goal of life.

– Quantum physiology of human energy and its four pillars:

1. Expansion.
2. Contraction.
3. Purification.
4. Stretching.


– Classical principles of meditation.
– The routine of the 10 positive points.
– Breath and its fundamental components.
– Daily questions and answers for self-introspection.
– Importance of the joints in meditation.
– Physical movement and static movement (movement culture)
– Essential components to meditate for long periods.
– How to design meditative routines according to specific goals.
– Sensations as an object of meditation.
– The spine in meditation.
– The psoas system.
– Conscious rest.
– Relaxation versus meditation.
– Restorative meditation.
– Long meditation sessions.

Ancient meditation techniques of the course:

– The meditation of the walled city.
– The meditation of the psychic Being and love.
– The meditation of knowledge and wisdom
– The meditation of sounds.
– The meditation on the law of quantum entanglement.
– The meditation on the natural breath.
– The meditation of cellular intelligence.
– The meditation of abdominal fire.


Antonio has over 20 years of experience in meditation, ancient yoga, Samkhya philosophy, and intermittent fasting (in India, Nepal and Costa Rica). Here you can read more about him.


UPCOMING DATE: December 1-21.

TIME: From 8:00PM-9:00PM (Costa Rica time)

FORMAT: You can choose between on-site (at Finca Elefante – only 5 spots), or online (live on Zoom)

Language: Spanish.


– US$250.
– US$170 if you do it for the second time.

Optional, add:

* US$400 (residential for 21 days)
* US$25/night (nights separately)

(rates include VAT)

Participants will receive daily support material on the techniques and dynamics of the course.

The space is reserved via bank transfer. Data of the account:

Legal ID: 3 106 74 76 74

USDollars Account: 934005760
IBAN: CR04010200009340057603

CRColones Account: 934005778
IBAN: CR48010200009340057781

SINPE-Móvil (transfers within Costa Rica) 87293102

For international transfers:
(Please add US$15 for bank charges)


– Contact us before payment to check availability.

– Registration opens 1 month before the respective course.

– You can combine online and on-site sessions; We give you the option of spending the night at the farm for an additional cost of US$20/night.

– Please be on-time (sessions will not be recorded)

– Cancellation policy: If cancellation is requested, 50% will be returned during the days after payment. IMPORTANT: seven days before the course, no refunds will be made. If for some reason Finca Elefante cancels an event, full refund will be made.

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