Silvia (Antonio's sister), is an architect by profession and a lover of agriculture by nature. She started the Clean Agriculture movement free of agrochemicals at Finca Elefante approximately seven years ago as a need to produce and consume healthy foods, always focusing her activity on seeking harmony and gratitude for the Earth. This is how she discovered her passion for clean agriculture and decides to take different courses such as the Production of Crops and Organic Fertilizers in the National Institute of Learning (INA) of Costa Rica. She has also received trainings for the control of plagues and elaboration of organic inputs, by the Ministry of Agriculture of Athens; likewise, she participates in the program of Good Agricultural Practices in this same entity. Currently she is processing the possibility of including Finca Elefante within the Ecological Blue Flag program.

As a secondary activity and with the potential to give an added value to the production of the farm, in 2015 she did a technical course on Fruit and Vegetable Processing at INA. This allowed her to expand in a very profitable way her knowledge about handling, elaboration and conservation of food, among other aspects destined to the food industry. In this way Silvia manages to complement both activities and diversify products, example of which is the turmeric and ginger that harvests as a rhizome and through a careful process of dehydration manages to offer them in powder (culinary species).

During all these years, Silvia has also been investigating about friendly agriculture techniques to nature, always giving special importance to what best suits and harmonizes with the life that already exists on the farm. For this reason, she ventures into the movement of raw-vegan food, managing to develop her own line of milk cheese substitutes, made from seeds and dehydration techniques.

At this time, Silvia is in charge of the Clean Agriculture area at Finca Elefante, as well as the design of gourmet-style vegan menus.


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