Questions and answers

1. Is there a problem if I lack experience in meditation and yoga?

Our workshops, retreats and ceremonies are designed for people of all levels. Those who lack previous experience will find here an opportunity to begin a journey of silence, peace and tranquility. Those who already have experience, will be able to use a new approach, more classic and traditional, which at the moment is not taking place in any of the yoga centres in the country.

2. Does Finca Elefante work with Vipassana Meditation?

No, Finca Elefante does not work with the Vipassana meditation technique. We work mainly with classical meditation techniques, within the framework of the ancient yoga culture. Although in our workshops, retreats and ceremonies we emphasise the meditative experience, dedicating most of the time to its practice, we alternate the moments of meditation with postures and breathing exercises of yoga (asanas and pranayamas), as well as with classic philosophy about self-knowledge and evolution of consciousness. Those who wish to learn and practice Vipassana meditation, the only official site to do so is www.dhamma.org

3. So, what kind of meditation is practiced in Finca Elefante?

At Finca Elefante we learn by meditating, being through silence that we nourish ourselves with wisdom. We work with one of the oldest meditation techniques in India: anitya bhavanawhich consists of sitting daily to observe and feeling the natural rhythm of one’s breathing, using it as a bridge to cross from the noise of the surface to the silence of the depth of consciousness.

During our practical sessions, long periods of immobile meditation are combined with breathing exercises and simple postures of ancient yoga, just as they did in the yogic communities and classical universities of India thousands of years ago.

4. What is the style of yoga practiced at Finca Elefante?

Finca Elefante moves away from commercial yoga. We practice what is called “ancient yoga.” The practice of asanas is related to the classical principles of yoga, where simple physical exercise is oriented towards the development of the primordial faculties of the mind, as well as to the progressive establishment of stillness and physical-emotional health.

Those who seek to practice “acrobatic yoga” under the motivation of sweating and exercising fitness-style, we warn that Finca Elefante is a different meditation center. Our yogic exercises are aimed at the simple stretching of the main muscles and tissues of the body; to the gentle strengthening of the spine, bones and joints; to mindfulness attention, and the development of all those areas necessary to maintain an adequate posture of meditation from the physical point of view

Rather than achieving an ideal posture through external adjustments, we adapt respectfully to the natural rhythm of the body accepting its present reality as it is.

5. Under what philosophy does ancient yoga work?

Ancient yoga is simple, humanized and based on a meditative tendency according to the principles that gave rise to it in ancient India. Among its various action goals, the most basic is to strengthen the following four faculties of the mind (called bhavas) through simple postures and breathing exercises:

  • Purpose of life (dharma bhava)
  • Detachment (vairagya bhava)
  • Self-knowledge (jnana bhava)
  • Self-sufficiency (aishvarya bhava)

Similarly, in approaching life in a holistic way, it defines the following four fundamental pillars and their respective daily practices and processes for achieving integral health:

  • Healthy diet (ahar)
  • Healthy recreation (vihar)
  • Healthys routines (achar)
  • Healthy thoughts (vichar)

6. How many people are in the groups of Finca Elefante?

Finca Elefante offers groups of limited capacity. The only way to guarantee a tangible, genuine and humanized experience is through small work groups

7. Are the activities in Spanish or English?

The main language in our workshops, retreats and ceremonies is Spanish. However, when there have been participants who only speak English, simultaneous translation has been achieved as the activity progresses, in a satisfactory manner.

8. Should I bring my own yoga mat and cushion to meditate?

In Finca Elefante we have cushions and benches to meditate on. As for yoga-mats, we invite participants to bring theirs, although we also have some in stock for those who for some reason or other were not able to bring it.

9. I have problems sitting on the floor for long time, can I be able to meditate anyway?

Finca Elefante offers benches to meditate. Although we encourage people to develop an appropriate meditation posture by sitting on the floor, we let everyone decide when is the best time to do it according to their physical abilities. Remember also that we have periods of gentle yoga exercises to promote the movement of all the physical areas involved in the meditation posture.

10. Can I stay overnight at Finca Elefante when there is an activity?

Yes, Finca Elefante has two options for those who come from far away and wish to stay overnight every time we have a meditation & yoga workshop or ceremony:

Option 1. Double / shared room, with bathroom and shower. *Rate: ¢15,000 p/person p/night. Includes gluten-free vegan breakfast. Check-out time: 12:00PM.

Option 2. In one of our camping areas (each person brings their own tent and sleeping bag). We have enough toilets and showers. It must be taken into account that in rainy season a resistant waterproof tent is required.*Rate: ¢10,000 p/person p/night. Includes gluten-free vegan breakfast. Check-out time: 12:00PM.

*NOTE: The above rates apply only for activities that do not include accommodation. For workshops and residential retreats, accommodation is already included within the rate established according to the activity.

11. Is it inconvenient to participate in the meditation and ancient-yoga workshops, retreats and ceremonies if I belong to any particular religion?

Everyone is welcome at Finca Elefante: Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc. When people is able to embrace their own internal silence and live from it, they become better human beings, or what is the same, using the categories mentioned above, better Christians, or better Muslims, or better Hindus, or better Buddhists, or better Atheists; simply: in a better version of what they freely wish to be, because silence is the heritage of all, and it is within the scope of that universal heritage where Finca Elefante invites people to meditate.

12. Does Finca Elefante belong to some spiritual lineage in India?

Finca Elefante is a free movement destined to the evolution of the human being through work on consciousness. In the area of  meditation and yoga we work with Indian ancient techniques of yoga, because we consider that in a delicate matter such as the work of the energies that make up the mind and body, it is best to take refuge under ancient techniques that have been successfully tested for thousands of years in humanity.

For this, we rely on the classical yoga tradition practiced by the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, the oldest yoga school in the world, highly respected for keeping the practice of yoga and meditation true to their ancestral roots, while encouraging a therapeutic style in its physical and mental approach.

13. Can I organize my own event at Finca Elefante?

Yes, Finca Elefante offers its facilities for the organization of private events as well, as long as they are in accordance with the values of peace, health and well-being under which the farm operates. We have a room to meditate (which can be given the use you want according to related activities such as yoga, reiki, tai-chi, talks, etc.); ranch with fully equipped kitchen; swimming pool; zone of silence overlooking the cacao river canyon; parking; bedrooms; camping areas.

For more information please go to: Organize Your Event.

14. What are the payment options for Finca Elefante activities?

For all our activities there are the following payment options:

Payment option 1. Advance in cash, here at Finca Elefante.
Payment option 2. In advance via bank transfer. The data of the account are:

Legal ID: 3 106 74 76 74

USDollars Account: 934005760
Client Account (SINPE) 10200009340057603

CRColones Account: 934005778
Client Account(SINPE) 10200009340057781

* If you make the payment in CRColones, please do so according to the rate corresponding to the “SALE” here.

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