Our Concept


The really deep moments in meditation are unpredictable, unique, unforgettable, always unrepeatable and, in general, indescribable. They are like a trip of self-discovery by unexplored internal lands, which is completed only when we have opened our eyes with perceptions “of the beyond” different from those who have never embarked on trips of this kind… They are like the episode of a ceremony that celebrates connecting to an inner source of inexhaustible energy.

At Finca Elefante we learn by meditating, being through silence that we nourish ourselves with wisdom. We work with one of the oldest meditation techniques in India: anitya bhavana, which consists of sitting daily to observe and feeling the natural rhythm of one’s breathing, using it as a bridge to cross from the noise of the surface to the silence of the depth of consciousness.

During our practical sessions, long periods of immobile meditation are combined with breathing exercises and simple postures of ancient yoga, just as they did in the yogic communities and classical universities of India thousands of years ago.

Thus, aware that meditation is an individual state that we reach through sincere practice, we offer the knowledge inherited by the culture of India, whose millenary techniques have been tested in humanity for thousands of years so that everyone, at their own pace and in harmony with their own history, establish themselves appropriately in the meditative state that best suits them.


The yoga that we practice is simple, humanized and based on a meditative tendency according to the principles that gave rise to it in ancient India. Among its various action goals, the most basic is to strengthen the following four faculties of the mind (called bhavas) through simple postures and breathing exercises:

  • Purpose of life (dharma bhava)
  • Detachment (vairagya bhava)
  • Self-knowledge (jnana bhava)
  • Self-suffiency (aishvarya bhava)

Similarly, in approaching life in a holistic way, it defines the following four fundamental pillars and their respective daily practices and processes for achieving integral health:

  • Healthy diet (ahar)
  • Healthy recreation (vihar)
  • Healthy routines (achar)
  • Healthy thoughts (vichar)


Mind and body must go hand in hand, without being out of step, dancing the dance of knowledge and experience to form a more integral vision of the world that constitutes and surrounds them. This is what we ultimately call Philosophy. This is how Finca Elefante addresses the history and ancient culture of the following three areas:

  • Meditation

Convinced that meditation is the best training for self-knowledge and evolution of consciousness, we enrich the meditative experience by also addressing its theoretical components. We refer here to the “Physics of Consciousness” that dwells in silence.

  • Yoga

Given the large number of new styles of yoga created in recent years in Western culture, which mostly inclined disproportionately towards the mere physical training of the body as well as a theoretical manipulation often misunderstood or far from the ancestral theory, Finca Elefante chooses to approach the practice of yoga through the principles and classical values ??of ancient India.

  • India

We celebrate the history, literature and philosophy of ancient India. There is no more fascinating culture than this wonderful region located in the most mystical area of ??the planet.


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