Our Concept

Finca Elefante is an entirely secular meditation center. Our approach to spirituality is developed outside of any religious movement, meditating around the universal principles of Peace, Inclusion, Consciousness, Love, Health and Silence.


The really deep moments in meditation are unpredictable, unique, unforgettable, always unrepeatable and, generally, indescribable. They are like a trip of self-discovery by unexplored internal lands, which is completed only when we have opened our eyes with perceptions “of the beyond” different from those who have never embarked on experiences of this kind… They are like the episode of a ceremony that celebrates connecting to an inner source of inexhaustible energy.

Our routine is based on the practice of ancient meditation techniques along with breathing exercises and intelligent movement techniques of ancient yoga, as they did in lay spiritual communities of old India thousands of years ago.


Ancient yoga is simple, poetic and based on a meditative trend according to the principles that gave rise to it in classical India.

Its most basic objective is to strengthen the following four faculties of the mind (called bhavas) through yogic postures and breathing exercises:

I. Virtue (dharma bhava)
II. Detachment (vairagya bhava)
III. Knowledge (jnana bhava)
IV. Power (aishvarya bhava)

It also approaches life holistically through the following four pillars:

I. Healthy diet (ahar)
II. Healthy recreation (vihar)
III. Healthy routines (achar)
IV. Healthy thoughts (vichar)


Samkhya is one of the first philosophical structures of humankind and the theoretical framework of ancient yoga (begins to take shape about 3,000 years ago)

Here for the first time, human mind approaches the concepts of consciousness and evolution without going to a divine entity.

The result: an elegant 25-step scheme on the evolution of consciousness that exhibits complete freedom of thought with its respective reliance on lay wisdom.


We promote physical exercise and human sensitivity through functional body movement, thus strengthening the energies which essentially connect us to everything that surrounds us.


Cold water is one of the most powerful things to awaken the cellular intelligence of the body. It not only strengthen the immune system, but also purify the entire mental-physical structure, which improves the meditative experience.

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