Open Session

Every Wednesday morning and evening Finca Elefante opens its doors for one hour free sessions, with the aim of addressing issues related to the practice and study of classical meditation and India’s ancient yoga.

Sessions vary each week; they can range from simple stretches, simple meditations and basic breathing exercises, to lectures on holistic nutrition, healthy routines and classic concepts of eastern psychology based on emotional health and responsible mind management.

We gather either in the meditation hall or at one of the outdoor areas of the farm, under a tree, if weather allows it. Finca Elefante has the perfect location to meditate and practice ancient yoga. Surrounded by green and tranquility, nature seems to bring us closer to that silent place to which we truly belong.

Thus we invite you to get in touch with us in order to learn a bit more about our classic and holistic approach to yoga and meditation, taking the opportunity to have a deeper look at the possibility to live a more balanced life through self-knowledge and evolution of consciousness.



“Open Session” on classical meditation and ancient yoga.


We are in Waze as “Finca Elefante Atenas Costa Rica”.


Every Wednesday:
from 8:00AM-9:00AM
and from 5:00PM-6:00PM


No cost, all cordially invited.


– Please bring your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

– We start at the scheduled time; please arrive on time as we close the gates of the farm at that moment.

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