Clean Agriculture

This is the Clean Agriculture area of Finca Elefante. Understanding that agriculture is an ancestral means of subsistence and one of the noblest forms of communication with nature, we also meditate when we sow.

Here we grow fruits and vegetables completely free of agrochemicals since our dialogue with Mother Earth takes place in the most organic way possible, in harmony with the cycles of weather and the moon, respecting life in all its manifestations and keeping the gifts that sprout from the creative dimension of food, as pure as possible.

Those of us who live here, as well as those who come to enjoy our meditation and yoga workshops, retreats and ceremonies, feed ourselves mostly with clean products grown on the farm, which are used to prepare meals under totally vegan and gluten-free standards.


Food seems to inspire in us not only hunger or satisfaction, but much more: love, patriotism, forgiveness, devotion; probably up to depression, anger, loneliness, nostalgia. The relationship we have with food goes beyond simply satisfying hunger or nourishing the body. It creates connections, makes friends, favors romanticism, and makes the child trust his mother.

As food helps us connect with others, it is also our direct connection with Nature and Mother Earth. By sowing, cultivating, discarding, developing agriculture, manufacturing, industrializing, transporting, freezing, drying, buying, cooking and eating food, we are constantly either exhausting or nurturing the universe and our body.

When food strengthens the body and the Earth, it nourishes; when it pollutes, it depletes. What happens, then, when this principle also applies to our relationships through food? What happens when it separates us from the rest of the community? What when we lose the point and become extremists? Does the elimination of animal products automatically mean health? Is the goal of any diet just to eliminate diseases? Will suppressing our desire for fast food not going to exhaust our energy? Can the rigidity of thought lead us to true health?

And to all this, what then is food? What is its meaning in our lives? What to eat, when to eat, how to eat? Where should food come from: from nature or from the factory? Why is food essential? Does food play any role in structure and function? What is its role in our connection with the Earth and our body? Who should we listen to when we are hungry: the body or the recommended nutrient table? – to calories or to official information? Is our body eating fruits and vegetables, or do we eat minerals, carbohydrates and proteins? Are we made to have a relationship with food? Who should answer these questions: common sense, instinct, or the wisdom of the body? –or fear, information, or rumors?

Let’s find the answers within us, each morning at sunrise, sitting next to the silent energy plunged into deep meditation. Let us learn, explore and understand our relationship with nature, silence and food, leading a healthy life that allows us to smile from the heart. Let food be a gift of love towards ourselves.

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